Choose Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration to make the claims process easier.

Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration serves the local insurance community and has done so successfully since 1993. We understand that each claim is unique, and guarantee the same end result on each project – complete customer satisfaction. For over 15 years, Cornerstone Appraisals & Restoration has made the claims process easier by partnering with insurance companies to provide the best in insurance restoration services. Over the years, we have listened to and learned from our insurance partners as to the services most needed by their customers and have responded with many innovative solutions. Together, our team offers a combined 60 years of construction and restoration experience.

You Need an Insurance Restoration Contractor

Restoring damaged properties requires an experienced insurance restoration contractor. We have the knowledge, methods, and equipment to handle all insurance claims.

We provide an accurate and prompt estimate for review after initial contact with the property owner. This time sensitive material is presented in a clear and concise manner and in accordance with industry standards.

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Open Communication & Consultation Helps Your Claims Process.

Cornerstone prides itself on an honest evaluation of the loss. Homeowners and insurance professionals rely on our dedicated on-site management team to respond to their needs.

  • Any questionable claims are immediately brought to the attention of the assigning adjuster.
  • Our well trained staff is readily available and accessible to you to answer any of your questions.
  • All parties involved are updated on our progress and are kept well informed.
  • Our construction expertise ensures a fair, accurate and reasonable estimate.
  • Insurance companies often seek Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration assistance to determine project scope and the extent of the loss for faster claims processing.

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