Princeton Insurance Restoration Experts

Home Damages or Commercial Property Damages

Cornerstone Appraisals & Restoration Services, LLC will work with your Insurance Claims Personnel & Adjusters, providing a seamless line of communication while restoring your home.

Home damage and commercial property damage can threaten lives, lifestyle, and financial security. When Cornerstone Restoration receives a report of water damage, fire damage, storm damage, flood damage, or ice and snow damage to a home or business located in Central and Southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania, our first thoughts are with the well-being of people and pets. We take care to explain the restoration process and answer any questions.

Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration will work with your insurance claims personnel and adjusters, and we suggest you call them immediately – then call Cornerstone for our complete restoration service.

Next, we will focus on securing the premises. This is accomplished by boarding up and tarping any unsecured openings, including windows, doors, or other openings caused by the elements. This will prevent further home damage from vandals, and limit potential injury for anyone who might enter the damaged dwelling.

Then, we will apply for any necessary approval