Cornerstone Appraisal and Restoration Services, LLC is Central New Jersey, Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania’s most highly regarded insurance restoration and home reconstruction resource for homeowners and insurance providers.

Insurance providers and homeowners turn to Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration, LLC for complex claims in home insurance restoration, and expect the highest level of services for home construction, communication, quality workmanship and the largest network of resources within Central and Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania locations. Cornerstone Restoration understands that no one can accurately predict a disaster:

  • Water Damage New Jersey from a water main rupture, broken pipe or leaking roof floods the home, or a washing machine hose or icemaker line breaks
  • Fire starts in the home and causes damage
  • Storms cause a tree to fall on the house or wind tears off shingles
  • Flood waters rise flooding areas of the home
  • Ice and snow cause roof damage and subsequent interior damage

All of these are examples of disasters which require an emergency response. Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration’s team will respond quickly, assess the damage, and create a plan to stop further damage from occurring. The sooner we are called, and can initiate a response, the less chance damage will spread.

Example disaster responses:

  • Water damage: stop the leak and use air movers or dehumidifiers to start the drying process
  • Fire or smoke damage: board-up doors and/or windows and tarp roof to keep the home secure
  • Wind or storm damage: plywood or tarps to keep water and wind out
  • Flood damage: after flood waters subside, structural evaluation and air movers or dehumidifiers to start the drying process
  • Ice and snow damage: snow or ice removal and roof repair.

Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration will work with your Insurance Claims Professionals and Adjusters, providing a process that offers a seamless line of communications during your project in order to restore or improve the damaged home. Our goal is to exceed the homeowner’s expectations.