Living in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we see weather extremes not found in other parts of the country. These extremes range from hot and humid in the summer to bitter cold in the winter, and everything in between. With these changes brings high winds and other types of severe weather conditions. Often, homes and other structures such as garages or barns are damaged from these conditions as a result of lightning strikes, hail, tree falls and many other types of damage. The damage can result in siding, chimneys and other exterior structures being ripped off, leaving holes in your roof and dangerous conditions for your family. On top of that, the Jersey Shore is vulnerable to hurricanes every year, impacting coastal towns like Stone Harbor and Cape May.

Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration provides emergency services for these types of damage, as well as full restoration, reconstruction and remodeling services after the severe weather has passed.

Our team will respond promptly to remove the trees or debris from your home or other structure. Then, if necessary, we will install temporary tarps or plywood to help prevent further damage from occurring.

Our skilled, certified personnel will determine which areas need repair, and which areas need full replacement. From then on, we will work to restore your home or other structure to original condition, quickly, and with attention to detail.

Each winter, there is typically a devastating story making news about snow crushing the roof of a building. One square foot of snow weighs about five pounds but wet snow can get much heavier, weighing close to 20 pounds or more. When you have a thousand square foot roof, you could potentially have snow weight of 5,000 to 20,000 pounds on it. Rest assured, even older stick trusses were designed to carry a load on your roof of about 40 lbs. per square foot. Today’s engineered trusses can carry 80 to 90 lbs. per square foot leaving plenty of room for snow load.

Do not start climbing in a panic, it can be extremely dangerous to climb up on your roof when it’s snowy or icy. Engineers indicate that shoveling snow off a home might cause damage to the roof. In fact, the weight of a person pinpointed on a weaker part of frozen and brittle shingles on the roof could cause a bigger structural problem than not shoveling off the snow. Avoid scraping or chipping of ice because this can damage the roof and lead to leaks.

If your home or building suffers damage from snow buildup, call your insurance provider and call Cornerstone Appraisal & Restoration  at 1-888-831-5011. Cornerstone provides expert roof repair and restoration for metal, asphalt shingles, slate, and copper roofing.