At Cornerstone Appraisal and Restoration, LLC, we’re passionate about our customers, and we appreciate their kind words. If you are a customer, please leave a customer testimonial for us to share. We sincerely thank you, Cornerstone Appraisal and Restoration Services, LLC.

“Cornerstone Appraisals and Restoration did an expert and skillful job rebuilding our home. Peter Kiesewetter and his well-trained team of skilled specialists handled the catastrophic and delicate situation in such a way that I honestly have to say it was a pleasant experience. The integrity of the firm speaks for itself, as does the kindness and professionalism that was displayed. Our “brand new twenty year old house” looks amazing and it is a pleasure to be home again. I can highly recommend that you refer Cornerstone to anyone who has suffered a loss of any kind.”

Dave and Patti H., Pennington, NJ


“I would also like to commend Cornerstone Appraisals & Restoration. The work that was performed by Cornerstone was outstanding and was finished in a timely manner.”

Mr. Peter Biondi, Assemblymen, 16th District


“In an era where consumers are squeezed out of everything, taken advantage of, “nickel and dimed” on every issue, Cornerstone and especially Rosemary was like going back in time. A time when people actually cared about their work, was responsible for the representation of their company, and personally thought of me and my family well-being….getting me back to pre-storm condition.”

Dave and Jenny S., Kendall Park, NJ


“My wife and suffered a horrendous loss at our condominium property, Cornerstone, its employees, and in particular our project manager, Rosemary Kochy did a fabulous, professional and timely job at making us whole and putting us back in our home. The work performed by Cornerstone required the entire renovation of our unit, which was devastated by a broken water heater causing flooding from the apartment above. Cornerstone made the process easy from start to finish. Rosemary coordinated everything with our insurance carried and responded to all our needs and concerns. The professionalism, excellent communication and superior workmanship of Cornerstone exceeded our expectations and returned us to the home we love.”

Harvey Z., Long Branch, NJ


“Following some recent significant damage to our home, we were fortunate to have Cornerstone on the job as a result from a recommendation from our insurance carrier. Our project manager, Patty Williamson immediately took charge and fully managed every aspect of the project. She addressed every concern promptly. No inquiry was ignored and was addressed with professionalism. In the end, the work was completed ahead of schedule, first-rate and better then we could have expected.”

Kevin F., Flemington, NJ


“We suffered a devastating loss due to a broken pipe that ruined almost our entire home. Cornerstone Appraisals & Restorations was referred to us by our insurance carrier and we chose to do the restoration work with Cornerstone. Mr. Peter Kiesewetter and his team of professional craftsman not only restored our home to its original design, but did so with the utmost care and courtesy. Mr. Kiesewetter kept us informed of the progress each step of the clean-up and reconstruction process as well as the “putting it back together “ stage. We would highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone who has suffered a water damage loss to their home.”

Michael & Maryanne M., Titusville, NJ


“We had a flood in our home, and per my insurance carrier, I then got a call from Greg Schwartz with Cornerstone Appraisals & Remediation. His professional manner and calm voice allowed me to feel that everything would be fine. I was right. From the moment I met Greg I felt assured that he and his team would accomplish the renovations to our satisfaction. As a matter of fact, Greg’s efforts went above and beyond our expectations. And always with a warm smile. I can’t offer enough praise for the matter in which Greg oversaw our renovation.”

Sherri T., Langhorne, PA


“Gregg Schwartz, our Project Manager with Cornerstone responded quickly and I appreciated that he was willing to listen to my concerns and remediate the problem as soon as possible, making sure that there would be no further damage to our property.”

Gene D., Ocean, NJ


“I am writing to express my gratitude and admiration for the extraordinary quality of your work in my finished basement which had been severely damaged to flooding. Considering the quality of your workmanship, the ease of communication with Cornerstone, and the manner in which all of the unpredictable elements which appear on every job were dealt with, this could not have been a more positive experience for us. I will certainly recommend friends to employ your services and would be happy to speak with or write to any prospective customer whenever you feel this might be useful.”

Richard D., Princeton, NJ


“Thank you so much for our new home! We are so happy to get it back and enjoy every minute in it. You cared as much as we did to make this house beautiful. Thank you for that. Your advices were always helpful. It was a pleasure to work with you and know you! Peter, thank you for everything!”

Vitaly, Svetlana, Daniel, Anton and Tina Zelov


“Just a little note to say a special “thank you” for all of your help, your kindness, and “patience” setting up schedules that work for me. It was truly appreciated. Cornerstone did a great job and I was well pleased. I haven’t filed a claim with USAA for over 15 years and with your help, that made it easy for me.”

Anna Locklin